Start Walking Your Way to Better Fitness

It can be confusing. While everyone wants to get in shape – wanting it and actually doing anything to make it happen are two different things. Instead of just sitting there dazed and confused and looking at all the enticing shiny objects all trying to get your attention – forget about all that for now.

Keep it simple.

There is one activity that you and anyone else who can walk can do – and that is walking!

Think about it. It is not complicated. You already know how to do it. You do not need special equipment. You do not need an expensive gym membership (or exposure to other people!) and it has tremendous benefits for you if you do it on a regular basis. You can even get started right now!

Develop Your Walking Habit

Like all new things, it will take some initial willpower and serious effort just to make yourself get up and start doing it. But over time the longer you do it the easier it will become up to a point. So just start. Get up and go for a walk. The first few times you do this you are not worrying about walking distance or speed – the main thing you are working to do first is to develop the habit of walking on a regular and consistent basis.

You can start walking at work during your lunchtime and or during breaks.

If possible at lunch leave your workplace and go to a nearby neighborhood or park for better scenery and peace of mind – and so pesky fellow employees and others do not bother you while you are walking! If that isn’t possible then make the most of what you can and do the best you can – but above all get out there and walk!

Stepping It Up A Notch

As you get the habit down you may want to work to find the times of day that work best for you. For some people that will be early in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping and things are still peaceful and quiet outside. Others may want to stick with a lunchtime routine daily. Some may prefer late evening as their favorite time to go for a daily walk.

There is no right or wrong time – just find what works for you and do that. You can even try changing it up and maybe even walking more than once per day too if you like. The more you can find ways to make it enjoyable the better your chances of continuing to do it long term.

As you get more time in and you get stronger you are going to want to pick up the pace a bit. But keep it at a brisk walk and avoid the urge to turn your walks into a jog. That’s another exercise and it has its place too for some people (not all) but your walking routine can and will change your body and your life if you stick with it.

Explore your area. I will bet there are some cool and interesting places nearby to walk that you don’t even realize are in your own back yard! So you can get fit and explore your area too.

Most parks even have long winding trails through the woods or whatever the terrain allows in your area, that are interesting and can make some of your walks more fun.

Too lonely? Then get some company.

Some people find walking with other people to be enjoyable – and some don’t. They may prefer the solitude of being alone. But the choice is yours either way – and for that matter, you can do both. Just change it up – some walks you can do alone and some with friends.

Looking for walking buddies?

Start or join a Meetup group! There you can find other people interested in the same things you are interested in and turn your fitness outing into social opportunities too.

While walking may not sound as enticing at first as some new piece of exercise equipment, or the latest 90-day fitness routine – and certainly not as popular as all the expensive pills, supplements, lotions, and potions are, but it does work! That is an important thing for you to consider before you just roll your eyes and then go off to buy the next fitness gadget.

Think of it another way.

Have you been getting the results you really want from all that other stuff? No… Well, then what do you possibly have to lose by giving it a try – other than weight?

You just might like it – and I guarantee you that you will get stronger and in better shape if you do it consistently on an ongoing basis.

Give it a try and see how it works for you.