New Meal Planning Fitness Journey Update

It has now been a few weeks since I embarked on this new and improved way of meal planning – and have been much better about what I choose to eat every day.

So – does it work?

In a word, YES!

In fact, it has been AMAZING so far and has already far surpassed my initial expectations.

I have lost 12 pounds and most of that came off in the first 8 days, and it is staying off too. I feel much better already and am having no difficulty at all continuing to eat in accordance with my new way of meal planning.

This is NOT a Diet…

The way I choose to do this is a part of my lifestyle and in a way that is sustainable for as long as I choose to do it – which quite possibly will be for the rest of my life.

Oppose that to a diet which in my humble opinion is NOT sustainable long term and is in fact another reason why most diets fail and fail fast.

This is a way of eating and living that is just now a part of my life on a daily basis.

Key Changes

Basically, all I have done so far is;

  1. Reduced and Eliminated Processed Sugar – While I am not fanatical about that and not overly concerned if something I choose to eat has a TINY amount of sugar in it, in general, I do try very hard to avoid all refined sugar intake as much as I can
  2. Avoiding Artificial Sugar Replacements – I am not a fan of eating or drinking “diet” anything, nor anything that contains the typical garbage they use to artificially sweeten stuff with
  3. Avoiding Bread – I love bread – yet not what it does to the human body. So I have reduced/eliminated practically all bread from my meals at this time
  4. Increasing Natural Foods – I forget who said it, but it was another YouTuber who was talking about ingredient lists – and he said basically that if a given thing has more than just the thing itself as an ingredient and maybe a couple of other things, then you probably should NOT eat it. The longer the ingredient list is, the worse it is for you, generally speaking… and I have tried to take that to heart and use it
  5. Increasing Physical Excercise – I have been and am very physically active, however, I am beginning to incorporate more intentional weight training into my routine throughout the week every third day or so. We will see how that goes

That’s really about it for now. Nothing earthshattering or complicated. Just simple basic stuff and it seems to be working very well for me now.

Once again though – I am NOT strictly following any other specific plan but rather using elements of Keto and Paleo along with some common sense things of my own as I see fit, and adjusting it all through trial and error along with continued research.

So far I am very happy with what results I am getting from it all.