Move More Eat Less and Get In Better Shape

Millions of people upon millions of people are searching for ways to get in better shape every day. All the time there are new gizmos, new programs, pills, lotions, and potions promising magical and instantaneous results.

Yet they all fail almost all the time.

Why is that you may wonder?

The truth is that there is nothing at all complicated or secret about what is required to get in better shape. Despite all the crazy claims to the contrary.

It is very simple – Just eat less and move more and move more and eat less and keep repeating that.

Notice I said it was simple – not easy.

Then again deep down inside you already knew the truth too, didn’t you?

The Real Key is Your Mindset

The problem is that knowing what to do and then actually doing what you know needs to be done are two entirely different things indeed.

That’s why I think you should start with working to build and maintain a better mindset before you focus too much on building a better body.

Your mindset is the way you see yourself in the world and the world around you.

So how exactly do you build a better mindset?

You start by choosing to do so then consciously planning and taking small but consistent actions that become habits over time. As you achieve the successful competition of each task that reinforces that you are able to achieve what you set out to do, which reinforces your ability to keep doing it.

Get your mindset right and then keep slowly but consistently working to improve the actions you are taking toward your fitness daily, and you will get better.

Focus on Simple Things That Work

There is nothing truly sinister about most exercise equipment or supplements, and I have no issues with people who want to spend some of their money on such things. I may (probably will!) even market some of those things as an affiliate marketer too.

But at the same time, I like people to know the truth and make intelligent and well-informed decisions in all things. While programs like P90X in the past and others – can temporarily give you a challenge and maybe enough motivation to be worth doing, they are just an option. Not a necessity.

The same thing is true when you are talking about most supplements. Some can help and give you some benefits – including a mental one in thinking that you are doing something to help your body. Yet most of these things are absolutely NOT necessary. Optional yes, and nothing really wrong with using some of them if you understand that.

Some do work better than others. But none of them is a miracle and none of them alone are going to give you the body you want.

That you must do for yourself if you really want it bad enough to get up and go do something about it in real life. When you are ready to do that start simple and build new patterns of behavior and keep at it.

You will even save money on groceries – since you are going to cut your food intake. Use some of the money you save to get some nice workout clothes and shoes or maybe a new bike, or a kayak. Then use those things!

Get out there and do some things that are fun and that give you fresh air and exercise.