Welcome to Functional Fitness and Recreation!

The idea is a simple one, that no matter who you are or what you do for a living – becoming more fit and staying that way will help you live a better life – and the objective of this site is to share information and resources to help you do just that.

Too many times most of what people try just doesn’t work, and nothing really changes for them at all. Other times some efforts do pay off but they are usually only temporary and not long lasting.

A better way to approach fitness and recreation is to make it part of your lifestyle and engrain it in your daily routine as a life long habit from now on.

My name is L.D. Sewell and I focus most of what I do on helping other people build better lives. This site is another resource to help accomplish that, and you can learn more about all the other resources I have available for you at www.ldsewell.com.

Here we will provide articles, posts and other information on all kinds of meal plans, diets, fitness routines, exercise programs, fitness gear, supplements, and other things – and we will discuss both the good and the bad and everything in between so you can make more informed decisions.

Welcome to the site and be sure to check out our YouTube channel too!