36 Hour Fasting Experiment Coming to a Close

It has been a while now that I have embarked on this new way of meal planning for me. I chose to use my own spin on meal planning taking elements from Keto and Paleo and a few others and combining them into my own way of eating and living.

It seems to be working and I dropped a surprising amount of weight the first week and have kept if all off.

My latest experiment is fasting.

While I have tried various fitness-related and meal preparing plans over the course of my life – I do not recall ever having actually tried fasting before. So I figured why not…

The time now is 0948 and at 1000 I will have not consumed any food at all in the past 36 plus hours – only water, black coffee and herbal tea.

Surprisingly it was not hard at all – and was much easier than I thought it would be. The scale says I lost about 5 or 6 pounds – and I do not know if that is possible in that short time frame, or not. It will be interesting to see what it says when I start eating again soon.

My plan is to begin with a bowl of bone broth with a touch of salt in it in a few minutes. Then in about two to three hours, I intend to have a salad and a little tuna salad with it too.

Dinner will be soup and some Keto bread and that’s about it until the following day.